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What You Should Do After a Website Redesign

February 1, 2016

If your website was outdated, and you wanted to freshen its design, the complete work doesn’t stop with the redesigning it. The redesign will certainly affect your conversion rates, and you have to go through the details of any active PPC or content promotion changes to ensure that conversions indeed happen.
To make sure that conversion takes place here is what you should do after a website redesign:

Tracking codes

Make sure that the tracking codes are properly implemented, because as you know they are important for measuring the success of the PPC campaigns. To do that right click on the page and select view source code. After that, press CTRL+F and search for Remarketing codes from Google, Bing, Facebook etc. as well as any analytics tracking codes.
Once you have finished with the checking of the tracking codes, you should make sure that you are still tracking conversions. To check that fill out the lead form on the landing page and view the source code on the thank you page triggering the conversion.

Landing Page URLs

Once you have redesigned your website, make sure that the landing page URLs are the same as before the redesign. If they are not the same, anyone that clicks on your ad will end up on a 404 error page. That’s why you should check if there were any changes to the URL structure and update them.
Along with the URLs, the ads are important too, you should check them too. You can do that by downloading the ads for the campaign into a spreadsheet document, sort them by their Destination URL/Final URL, and check all of them one by one to make sure that the landing pages are all correct.

Phone Number

If your website has a phone number, you should update it too. Additionally, you should check if it is a dynamic number and if there are several numbers you should make sure that they are all the same. To be 100% sure that everything is as it should be with the phone number, try calling it yourself and see if the client answers.

Site Functionality

Many people do not check the website after redesigning it, which results in many errors. For PPC purposes, make sure that all links, videos and pictures are working properly. Also, check the contact form on the site to see if it works as it should be and if it sends message. If the website is a web shop, check the shopping cart and check out too.

Company Information

The last thing that you should check is the company information. Ask the client if the company information is the same as on the old website, if yes make sure that that info is inserted on the new redesigned page and if not ask the client to give you the info regarding it.

You should never skip one or two things because you think that they relate to each other and that errors cannot happen there. Because those are the places, which interfere with your PPC campaign. After you have read this valuable information, we hope that you are sure now what you should do after a website redesign. And remember that even the smallest things are important. If you think that this is too difficult for you, contact us and let us help you with the redesigning of your website, as well as with making sure that everything goes as planned.

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