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Content Creation and Content Sharing

February 1, 2016

We have all heard the famous quote: Content is King. Well, yeah it is the king, because when a user visits a website the first thing that the user is attracted to is the website design, but after that he/she needs to be compelled by the story and the content. Content isn’t only about sharing what others have created, but also creating original content. And since content is the key for engaging prospects, you should know when to create new content and when to share already created content.

Content Creation

When you create the content, it is your own. It represents you, your company, the skill set within your organization and it contributes to your brand’s identity. When the content is original it adds more value to the organization, and if there is more value then the visitors will return for more.
Content creation is important for inbound marketing too, because when you share original content you drive more traffic to your site, and there is a chance to turn prospects into leads. If you want to boost your Google ranking, the content that you create should be “me-centric”, which means that you should include only original content on your website and blog that will prove your expertise and leadership, as well as improve your Google ranking.

Sharing Content

Sharing content can be quite tricky. You may be sharing the content of your competitors and thus increase the number of their visitors. But, on the other side, sharing external content, you let your visitors know that you always pay attention to what is happening in your industry and you are never behind.
You should try and use the social media “cocktail party” rule, meaning that you should never speak only about yourself, because your prospects will become disinterested and move on. Your content will have more benefit from sharing informational and entertaining content, rather than a self-centered and boring content. Imagine that your social presence is a real world social event and increase the engagement.

How to get best results with your content strategy? Use these tips about content creation and content sharing:

  • Use your colleagues’ wealth of knowledge.
  • Use free resources to your advantage.

Do a competitive analysis. You are familiar with the saying “Keep your friends close and your enemies even closer”, and paying attention to what your competition does will help you do things differently and better.
As you can see both content creation and content sharing are important and you should know when and how to use them. From the said above, we can conclude that content creation is really important when you want to show the identity and value of your company, and when you want your visitors to engage more. On the other hand, content sharing is important, because when you share content from others, you show that you care for others too and that you aren’t focused only on your business. So, content creation and content sharing can be a double-edged sword, but if you keep balance and have a good content strategy you do not have to worry about anything.

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