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7 Grave Mistakes of Mobile Web Design

February 2, 2016

In times when most of the people visit websites on their smartphones, you should pay great attention to mobile web design. We know that it is difficult to create great mobile experiences from usable desktop designs. With the smartphones being present more than ever before, you should know well that the following grave mistakes of mobile web design won’t be forgiven by your users.


No mobile adjustments

It’s 2015 and it would be shame not to have any adjustments for mobile. So, Responsive Web Design, Adaptive Design, or a mobile version – it doesn’t matter, you just need to make your website available for mobile users.


Unadjusted text and hotspots

When you make a mobile version of your website, you should remember that the users will be looking at a small screen, thus making it hard to notice hotspots and other targets. To make this better, you should make the hotspots for interaction larger, so that they can read, as well as tap on them.


Promos all around

Every inch of space on the mobile screen is valuable. Thus, you need to make sure that they can navigate through your mobile site first. We know that the promos are important, but it is better to push them a little bit down, than to cover the navigation bar and menu.


Blurry icons

When making a website responsive, the menu is transformed into a drop down menu with a hamburger-like icon. Some developers even add the word MENU next to the icon, just to be sure that everyone will understand. However, no matter of the situation – whether you add the word or not – make sure that the icon you have used is clear and appealing, not some blurry icon, suggesting that you didn’t have time to find a proper icon.


No Call to Action buttons

Splash screens with no navigation menu and call to action buttons aren’t cool anymore. Don’t make this mistake with the mobile version of your website – always include clear navigation menu and call to action buttons.


Acting too fast

No one wants pop up advertisements, which appear when you visit certain websites. So, take it from your own experience. Users don’t want a pop up asking them to add the website on their screen before having the chance to see the site first. The side effect of this would be – users leaving your website and informing their “besties” about it. Thus, you will only have a negative effect than positive. Let your users experience your website, and above all let them choose if they want to add your website on their home screen.


Disastrous visuals

When we say disastrous visual we think on too many colours and visuals overwhelming the user. When you make a mobile web design pay attention on the images that you use, you should use them to reinforce the navigation options – and using too many doesn’t mean that the website will look fantastic on the mobile screen, but on the contrary will only drive your users away.
We all care about user experience – that’s nothing new. To attract more visitors to your website try to avoid this grave mistakes of mobile web design that may compromise your website. For a mistakes-free mobile web design contact our experienced team at Wehoo.

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