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Why WordPress is the Best Platform for Your Website?

February 1, 2016

If you have a business these days you are aware that having a website is of a great importance for you. Usually, if the business is a small one, you do not have enough money to employ an IT company to manage your website, update your content and remove or add products. And with so many platforms out there, you need to find the one that will give you the chance to do all those things mentioned before.
As you know with the WordPress platform you do not need any IT background knowledge to administrate your website and keep it up to date.
If you know how to use Microsoft Word, how to upload a photo on social media, you are pretty much equipped with everything that you need in order to maintain your WordPress website.
If you are still in doubt which platform to use, we present you 4 reasons why WordPress is the best platform for you and your website.

An Open Source Platform

WordPress is one of those platforms which are free for using. Moreover, its source code is available for improvement, and any developer can keep it updated and even made better.
If you wonder why this is important for you, there is only one reason: when you employ a company to create a website for you, they use their own platform, thus you are stuck with them till the end of the life of your website. And when you have a website built on the WordPress platform, you can easily find another company to work with you on your website.

SEO Friendly

You are familiar with SEO and its importance, and here is where WordPress stands out. If you want to find out how each page and post performs regarding the keyword targeting, readability statistics and discoverability by the army of Google spiders, there are a number of different SEO plugins available for WordPress that will give you all info you need.
Additionally, all of these SEO plugins are constantly being updated so your website will always be in step with the newest Google practices. And finally, there are a number of tools that will help you improve your ranking in Google searches.

All-in-one platform

Though WordPress started as a blogging platform, now it is perfect for all kinds of websites: a static website, a blog, or e-commerce. And what is even better you can manage your website through a single dashboard. You only need to start and grow it by adding more features over time.

Easy Monitoring

The dashboard allows you to monitor user comments, the product stock and since it is the simplest ever found you will become an expert in no time and have under control every aspect of your website.

If you still have doubts regarding the best platform for you, now is the time to decide. The aforementioned reasons are enough to convince you that the WordPress platform is the best one out there and if you are looking for someone to provide you with a WordPress website, feel free to contact us. We are waiting for you at any time.

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